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At Nichols Veterinary Care, we strongly advocate for the practice of microchipping, even for pets primarily residing indoors. This precaution is crucial because, despite being indoor dwellers, pets can unexpectedly escape and become lost. According to estimates from the American Humane Society, over 10 million dogs or cats are reported lost each year, and sadly, a significant portion of these lost pets never find their way back to their owners.

Advantages of Microchipping:

  • Microchips, as opposed to collars and tags, offer secure and permanent identification for a pet's entire lifespan.
  • With a remarkable 25-year rating, microchips eliminate the need for replacement or recharging during the pet's lifetime.

Significance of Microchipping:

Once implanted, the microchip can be effortlessly scanned to locate your information. Animal control officers and veterinary hospital personnel consistently begin by scanning for a microchip when presented with a lost animal. With a microchip, the owner's information can be promptly accessed, facilitating a swift reunion.

Take the proactive step of scheduling a microchipping appointment today at Nichols Veterinary Care in Monterey, CA, and initiate the process of safeguarding your pet's well-being, providing enduring peace of mind.