Yippee! Doggy Daycare

While you're away, let your doggy play!
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Yippee! is a fun & convenient doggy daycare where your dog gets to play and interact with other dogs. Yippee! is a great place to socialize your dog. After hours pick up and overnight care are available when needed, along with many other services we provide at Yippee! Doggy Daycare.

Yippee! Doggy Day Care Requirements


  • All dogs must have proof of current vaccinations for Rabies, DAP, Bordetella, and the Canine Flu Vaccine. 

  • All dogs will have a flea check at no charge, if any are found, pet will be treated with an appropriate product at owner's expense. 

  • All dogs must display a social and dog friendly temperament to remain in a group setting. 

  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered.