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Cynthia Nichols, DVM
Cynthia Nichols, DVM

Medical Director & Owner

Residing in Seaside with her husband Brian, 18-year-old son Joshua, and her brother Dave, who has autism, Dr. Nichols brings a unique blend of family values and professional dedication to her veterinary practice. Joshua's interests in art, music, and building things are evident, as both he and Dr. Nichols' brother, David, frequently lend a hand at the clinic. This familial involvement creates a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

Beyond her commitment to family, Dr. Nichols extends her care to the animal kingdom by fostering German Shepherd rescues, Finches, and Geckos. Velvet, Dr. Nichols' current German Shepherd, and Guinea, her 12-year-old Boston Terrier, are often spotted around the clinic, graciously welcoming new canine visitors. A UC Davis graduate with 16 years of experience in veterinary medicine, Dr. Nichols embodies a holistic approach to her practice, integrating both professional expertise and a deep appreciation for the bond between pets and their human families.