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We are now offering acupuncture with:


Dr. Maria Kuty

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist


Pain can be addressed with various interventions, including medication, physical therapy, and acupuncture. My approach to acupuncture is grounded in the sciences of neuroanatomy and physiology. Acupuncture causes a release of neurotransmitters, stimulates nerves, relieves muscle spasm, and stimulates the immune system. Many pets can be assisted with acute and chronic pain, whether it is from an injury or chronic degeneration. There are other medical 

conditions that can also be improved with acupuncture, including kidney disease, nausea, and bladder disorders.

Dr. Kuty performed acupuncture on Dr. Nichols' cat, Babe, for inflammatory bowel disease and on Dr. Nichols' dog Guinea after a traumatic head injury that caused nerve damage. 




Please call 831-239-4689

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