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At Nichols Veterinary Care, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

We are among the newest generation of veterinarians who have been successfully altering the quality of veterinary medicine over the last few years. We have accomplished this by replacing traditional reactive medicine with a more progressive form of medicine; preventative medicine.  Preventative medicine far exceeds reactive medicine. It has enormous potential to stave off significant health problems, especially in your pet's golden years. Subsequently, preventative medicines help increase your pets quality of life, as well as his or her longevity of life.  If this concept sounds familiar to you it's because your family doctor most likely practices this form of medicine.

Compassionate Care with a Modern Approach is our philosophy. By combining advanced veterinary technology with empathy for all living creatures, we provide a unique and comprehensive veterinary health program for your beloved pet.  Our multifaceted philosophy incorporates high quality preventative medicine, and the human-animal bond.


The second component of our philosophy is the human-animal bond.  The human-animal bond is a relatively new phenomenon that many of us have been unknowingly incorporating into our lives for decades. The  basic principle of the human-animal bond is that our pets are thought of as family members, rather than amusing distractions or property.  Because of this stronger connection with our furred and feathered family members, we believe an innate compassion for all creatures great and small is essential.

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